by Zayd Dohrn


Scenic and Projection Design


World Premiere: Barrington Stage Company, MA


Director  |  Giovanna Sardelli

Lighting  |  Scott Pinkney

Costumes  |  Amy Clark

"The stage space at the St. Germain, especially with Brian Prather's perfectly Brooklyn set crowded with all of life's non-treasures, is limiting and keeping two dynamic actors in two inglorious roles caught in the tiny passageway spaces provided allows the director to shake each one up in unusual ways from beginning to end..."   -Berkshire Bright Focus


"Brian Prather has designed a marvelously accurate apartment set that indeed feels lived in, not only for the way Mira’s clothes are hung or spread across her limited furniture, but also for the genuine feel of her desk where posters about progressive causes, articles from the mainstream and alternative press, and notes and minutes from various meetings fill the wall space above. There’s even a large screen on which Mira can project her website from her broken laptop, which conveniently allows the audience to see it as well."   -The Springfield/Hartford Examiner


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