A Christmas Carol



adapted by Patrick Barlow, based on the novella by Charles Dickens


Off-Broadway: St. Clements

Delaware Theatre Center


Director  |  Joe Calarco

Lighting  |  Chris Lee

Costumes  |  Anne Kennedy

Sound  |  Victoria Deiorio

"Brian Prather's atmospheric set…" -New York Times

"You'd be amazed at how a spinning spiral staircase makes it appear that Scrooge is soaring over London with the spirits…"   -NY Daily News

"Brian Prather's deceptively simple-looking set…does a nice job of setting the scenes while also making it possible for the characters to be quickly whisked from one location to another."   -EDGE New York 

"What makes the Barlow adaptation under the direction of Joe Calarco stand out is the execution, the multiply talented cast of five, and the amazing sets of Brian Prather….Once Scrooge's character has been established and he starts his supernatural journey, the play becomes a visually magical display of movement - the actors, the swirling sets, and the stage itself…"   -Stage Magazine

"Brian Prather's set becomes a dynamic player in itself, and photos of it do not do it justice.  It swings apart, moves around and becomes Scrooge's office, home, childhood school, childhood home, first job, and so much more."   -The News Journal


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