Breaking the Code



by Hugh Whitemore


Barrington Stage Company


Director  |  Joe Calarco

Lighting  |  Chris Lee

Costumes  |  Jennifer Caprio

Sound  |  Lindsay Jones

"On Brian Prather's set, large screens containing illuminated equations hang above and flank the stage, underscoring Turing's love of and obsession with numbers." -The Boston Globe


"As you enter the theatre you find yourself riveted by the zen blackness of the stage, a single apple illuminate on a simple table.  When the play begins, we get a peak into his mind, as scenic designer Brian Prather lights up moving and stationary acrylic panels with mathematical formulas and writings from theoretical physics that seek to define intelligence, reason and rationality in black and white terms." - Broadway


"Like the math equations literally hanging over the characters or framing them on translucent legs bordering the raked wooded stage, Barrington Stage Company's Breaking the Code presents elegant problems that at times glow, at other moments fade, or sometimes act as barriers, through which the protagonist is watched but not revealed until the play's final moments." - Metroland



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