Freud's Last Session - Alley


by Mark St. Germain


The Alley Theatre


Director  |  Tyler Marchant

Lighting  |  Rui Rita

Costumes  |  Judith Dolan

Sound  |  Beth Lake

"Brian Prather's painstakingly detailed setting for Freud's study makes the perfect arena for this civilized yet feisty matchup." -The Houston Chronicle


"Set Designer Brian Prather's faithful reconstruction of Freud's London house is a hot house beauty, with that divan draped in oriental rugs and cozy as a dream. Every nook holds leather-bound tomes or a phalanx of ancient statuary, guardian angels and totems that spur the mind.  The set is the most well-appointed arena in town." - Houston Press


"Scenic design by Brian Prather, who designed the show Off-Broadway as well, brilliantly and beautifully creates Sigmund Freud's London office on the Neuhaus stage." - Broadway


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