No Child...



by Nilaja Sun


TheaterWorks Hartford


Director  |  Rob Ruggiero

Lighting  |  John Lasiter

Costumes  |  Peg Carbonneau

Sound  |  J Hagenbuckle

"The institutional set alone tells a story - of violation, neglect, redress. ...We could be looking at a jail corridor, or a hallway in some derelict housing project or the anteroom of a makeshift welfare office. Officially, as the backdrop for Nilaja Sun's funny, trenchant and ultimately heartbreaking play No Child..., it's the fictional Malcolm X Vocational High School in the South Bronx. But metaphorically, it is all those other things, too - a high security storage facility for miscreants, a warehouse for the poor, a bureaucracy for life's losers. The one thing Brian Prather's set does not look like is a place where young minds might be educated, even elevated."   -The New York Times


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