The Devil's Music



The Life and Blues of Bessie Smith

by Angelo Parra


Mosaic Theatre


Director  |  Joe Brancato

Lighting  |  Todd Wren

Costumes  |  Patricia Doherty

Sound  |  Chris Banks

"...the set she steps into is a startling beautiful evocation of a 1930s jazz club...Set Designer Brian Prather has created a sublimely rococo world, complete with leaded windows, dim electric lights inside gaslight chandeliers, art deco chairs, murals on the walls, red carpets on the floor and richly patterned tasseled shawl on the piano." - DC Metro Arts


"The evening is placed inside a lavish parlor; the plush and cozy interior is dipped in shades of wood and wine, highlighted by mural style art work depicting party scenes of which Smith could have once taken part, Set Designer Brian Prather fabricates a sensation in the atmosphere, a velvet embrace that snuggles up sensually to the stage and envelops it with sultry warmth ." - Theatre Bloom


"The set by Brian Prather is a knockout." -Broadway World




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